Rainy Long Run

Sunday morning, when my alarm went off, I will admit I had a major "I don't wanna" moment. I was legit exhausted thanks to not being able to sleep two nights in a row and having a packed schedule the last two weeks. I really.. really.. didn't want to get out of bed.

Thankfully I had made last minute (ish) plans Saturday evening to run with my coworker and friend Emily. She agreed to meet me at my house as soon as she could after her mom came to watch her little one around 7am. One of the first things I told her when she walked in the house was that I was SO glad we made these plans. She was right there with me.

I had 9 miles on my training plan, she had 11. There was a route that I hadn't run in a while and it fit my 9 mile bill. The route is pretty hilly and has large chunks where there isn't much protection from the sun. Lucky for us- there was no sun, just overcast sky and rain! The temp was also right where it needed to be to make this a bearable run. The rain felt fantastic to the point we were actually a little sad when it stopped and the sun was trying to peek through.

Through the hills and the rain, I'd say it was a pretty good run. So much so, that we were nearing 7 miles and we both agreed it didn't even feel like that much... who does that? I mean especially after the hills we covered in those miles. Quite honestly, had I not forgot to bring extra fuel, I might have done the last 2 miles with Emily too. Thankfully, my Energybits didn't fail me and carried me through my 9 miles.

Time wasn't nearly as quick as last weekend, but this was great for me considering how exhausted my body was feeling. The fact that I completed 9 miles was a blessing and I will just be grateful for that :)

This weekend is 14 miles.. my furthest EVER!!! This is getting serious!!

This is also seriously the best quote ever (well at least one of the best). I chose this along with about 15 other images/quotes for my Marathon Inspiration board which I will finally be creating this afternoon. The fact that I am training for this marathon is really getting real. I have just a few weeks before I run my second half marathon and 2 months after that is the full. I just need to remember one step, one mile at a time. Focus. 

I hope you all have a great week. I hope to post again before the end of the week with some snapshots of my inspiration board :)

See you then!


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