Week 7 and the Drizzly 14 miler

This was the first week I think I have actually stuck to the 3 weekly runs. In the beginning, I was running the same mileage, but in 2 days instead of 3. Mid- week runs are getting a little longer so I figured I'd better get in the routine of going on all 3 when possible. Basically, the week went like this.Tuesday- terrible 4 miles, Wednesday- awesome, hot as heck, 7 miles, Thursday- a really trying 4 miles that I refused to give up on even though my ankle was killing me at times.

I don't understand how 4 miles is so hard sometimes. And then how 7 felt so great and freeing. Explain to me please? And then there was my 14 miler long run- and my longest ever at that!!

For those of you following along, this makes 2 weekends in a row that I got to enjoy a rainy long run. Later on in training, I might complain about this, but for the time being, I am most definitely not. The humidity had been hanging around and even though the temps were lower, the humidity continued to make our lives difficult. I was meeting my friend Emily to run 12 miles- what she needed for her last long run for the Bird in Hand Half that we will run together in two weeks. Since I needed 2 more than her, I went a little early to pound them out. I then took her back on the same route I have run for 2 other long runs thus far- starting on City Island and then headed onto the Capital Area Greenbelt.  I have really come to enjoy runs on this path as it is pretty well shaded and as usually full of other friendly runners to keep us pumped.

It started to rain a little heavier as we headed back to the cars and sadly even though we turned around half way, we were a mile short. Lesson learned: running around the parking garage on the island  more than one time to make a mile in the pouring rain when you feel like your legs are going to fall off and you run out of water and there are people pouring in to check out super/sports cars makes you feel a little like you are losing your ever loving mind. I seriously stopped with .5 mile to go to stretch it out and then kept on chugging. It seemed so stupid but I just thought my right leg was going to fall right off.

That being said, I still ran 14 miles and I felt really proud of it afterward. Also proud of Emily finishing 12 miles as her furthest yet and I think we will both be more than ready for the half in 2 weeks. She also ran using just energybits and even said "Man, I'm loving these energybits!" I just replied "I told ya!" Because I had a little further to go and also started out with nothing in my stomach, I used a pouch of Pocketfuel Vanilla Haze flavor (full review still to come).  Still absolutely no GI upset/problems after 14 miles.

Another lesson I am learning is that as my mileage is now over the half marathon distance, I need to be putting more than just water in my camelbak. I have the fueling under control but the hydration is lacking a little and I think this is part of the reason my muscles were locking up a little on me in the last 2 miles this week. I also think I freaked myself out a little tiny bit thinking about last week only being 9 miles and making a 5 mile jump.

Overall, a pretty good week and I am still anxiously excited to continue this crazy journey to my first full marathon in a few months!!

Onward to the next week of training!! Have a great week everyone. Sharing my Marathon Inspiration board on Thursday. Also this week I will announce the winner of the Energy bits winner and hopefully another post in there too. Stay tuned :) 


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