I like nut butter and I cannot lie.

Seriously. It's not cool. Especially now that my new favorite thing in the world, PocketFuel Naturals is serious NUT BUTTER. People. You seriously must try this undiscovered amazing invention. 

A little background...
When I made the decision to train to complete my first marathon, I knew I needed to find a better fuel than all the GUs of the world. These artificial gels gave me unspeakable pain/GI issues that lasted the entire day after consumption. I knew that Energybits was part of that equation but knew I'd need something else as well.  I actually reached out to Jonathan, their community manager, to see what he used since he recently completed his first marathon. What did he recommend? POCKETFUEL! I checked the website and was ecstatic to realize two local stores carried the product. These feelings were quickly crushed when I arrived there and they had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to reach out to the company to see if maybe they would send me some to try out because I was really interested in this product but was a little worried about blindly ordering online. 

What next?
The awesome people at Pocketfuel quickly responded and sent me samples of each flavor. I took the chocolate espresso then the vanilla haze one two separate training runs. The chocolate was a little messy but delicious. The vanilla haze was PERFECT! I quickly hopped on and placed an order.

A match made in heaven.

I even put the chocolate haze on a sandwich flat with some strawberries post 7 mile run the other week

I will admit, I put off trying the other flavors.. they really intimidated me and I was really afraid I would hate the way they tasted. Truth? I really wish I had tried them sooner.

Coconut Cherry, Banana Blueberry, Pineapple Coconut, and Chia Coji and Honey

I spread a little of each on toast for my little "taste testing" moment.

I was suprised that I liked the pineapple coconut as much as a did. I was even more surprised that I didn't hate the coconut cherry. I really don't like cherry anything. But I guess when you use real ingredients and ONLY real ingredients, life is SUPER good. 

No fakers here

What's the point?
Well, really? Nut butter is the bees knees. Getting to use it to fuel my running? Freakin sweet. Seriously. It doesn't get any better. It comes in these pouches that make them super easy to eat while running (or whatever your activity of choice)

Perfect, right?

I can't really say much more about this great product. I mean, unless you are allergic, there is no reason to NOT love this stuff.

So huge thanks to Jonathan for the recommendation and thanks to the awesome folks at PocketFuel Naturals for letting me review their product and share it all with you. 

I will definitely continue to use this as fuel and hop you go check them out!!


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