There's a new protein powder in town...

And it's name is PRO70. I got to sample this new product as part of the SweatPink Ambassador group. Manitoba Harvest sent me Vanilla and Chocolate protein powders.

With the Vanilla.. I kept it super simple and easy. Almond milk and the powder. That's it. Not frills or thrills about it. It was nice and smooth tasting. No weird grit that I could tell- like some other proteins I have tried. 

For the chocolate, I decided to mix it up a little bit. I grabbed some ice, my almond milk, a little cold brewed coffee and some peanut butter. I blended it up in my (lame) bullet blender and ta-da!! It turned out pretty deliciously. If I had a better blender it probably would have actually BLENDED a little better, but really no complaints. 

I can't say either powder had a super strong flavor either way but at least they were pleasant tasting, smooth, and plant-based. Although I am not vegetarian or vegan, sometimes it's just nice to make good decisions about what you are putting into your body. 

Some fun facts provided by Manitoba themselves:
HempPro 70 is
1. The only water soluble hemp protein powder on the market. It's super smooth and it doesn't need to be mixed by blender or vitamix.
2. Pure plant based protein that's 95% digestible. There are only 4 ingredients in either flavor.
3. Sweetened with organic coconut sugar- so it's low on th glycemic index. 
4. Protein and Omegas! Vanilla flavor has 15g of protein and the Chocolate had 14mg. Both are chalked full of Omegas.

What is your favorite protein powder? 


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