#Noexcuses here!

Hey friends! If you follow me on instagram, you know that I have been following along with this awesome challenge. Each day there is a prompt of a quick workout to get you moving. I am not one to rely on challenges to keep going but they sure are fun to participate in!

So whats my point? Well this week, they asked us bloggers to write up why we live a #noexcuses life. So here it is.

I haven't always been into fitness or eating well and I can't even remember when it really all fell into place. I do know that back in college I definitely put on some weight and was not about to go buy new, larger sized, jeans. Instead, I hit the college gym and it felt great. I stopped eating some of the things that weren't so great and things went back to how they were supposed to be after a few weeks. 

After college, I kept wanting to try to learn to run but never succeeded but continued to do other workouts 3-5 times per week. Once smart phones came around, and the couch 25k app was available, I challenged myself to run and now, well my life revolves around it. 

I live the #NoExcuses life because I feel great when I workout. Whether stressed, sad, or happy, working out brings me back to baseline. I don't work out every single day, but I make it my goal to do so 4-5 days per week. I just feel better when I keep things moving. 

How do you live the #NoExcuses life? 


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