Snowy solo adventure

Before I get to the actual content of this post.. I have to admit something embarrassing. I wrote this post Monday but every evening it seemed like I didn't have the energy or time to get this posted.. hoping next week is better!! Anyway, without further adue.. Happy Friday and time to relive last weekend before we make new memories during this one.

After lazing around most of the day Saturday, I had half convinced myself to do the same on Sunday. It would have been easy to do, ya know.

But because I had just signed up for a trail half marathon just 2 weeks ago, I knew skipping out on the opportunity for a run longer than 5 miles IN DAYLIGHT would be a bad idea. I had already planned to do so prior to signing up for this half marathon, craving some distance, so I knew what I needed to do.

I did laze around and do a few things in the morning and finally set out around 1:30pm. Yaktraxs, camelbak and energybits in tow, I was off and running.

Those first 2 miles down the bridge to cross the river felt so refreshing. Then I had to cross the slushy, hard to get my grip on, bridge. The snow itself wasn’t really the issue, it was all the footprint holes and the difficulty finding an even pathway. Oh yea, and the fear I was going to get splashed from the cars that went by.

But… I made it. I started my way down the river and decided to stop, take a picture and soak up the beauty that is winter on the river.




This was around mile 3. The 4 out and back miles that followed were tough but completely awesome. They were on snowy trails which I covered over and over again in the summer and fall while I trained for the marathon. It is amazing how the seasons transform our paths and our mindsets even though the route may be the exact same we traveled months ago.

I had to really be mindful of HOW I was running and of my footing. There were a few times I felt my right foot slide strangely and was even afraid I would hurt it before I was through with my run. I am not sure if this is because I don’t have the specific running yaktraxs or what, but I was able to overcome by just being careful.

Funny thing too.. I saw a fox. Twice it turned around to look at me, then took off down the path. I tried really hard to get his picture.. needless to say I couldn’t catch up.

As I made my way back along the river, I stopped to take a few more icy pictures.


And then I headed back across the bridge and traveled the two miles home. Uphill. Yea, it kills me every time I head out for longer runs toward the river and I know that the last 2 miles are usually straight up hill. With very few chances for down hill or even an even out. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

Overall, I really enjoyed this outing. I needed a long distance experience by myself to both relax and reassure myself that signing up for a half marathon 2 weeks prior to the race date was not a stupid idea. I am planning to do another 10 this weekend as well so I should be ready to go next weekend.

Anyone else enjoying awesome snowy adventure runs?


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