Will run for milkshakes

On Saturday I had the joy of meeting up with the local running group, River Runners on the yearly "Milkshake run." Nothing formal and no registration but TONS of fun.

Whats the story?
Every year the Pennsylvania Farm Show comes to town and with it lots of delicious food. I mean there are animals, square dancing, tractors, and all that jazz too. But we all know that we really just go for the food. At least I do.

So we all met up at 9:00 am Saturday morning.. photo op first of course.. then hit the Wildwood Loop. This is a loop of 3 miles total, 2 of hills, 1 flat and boring as all get out. I did one loop with one person then started chatting with another and we set into our pace and rhythm. It was great. A nice solid 6.2 miles to start the day. There were a few sketchy areas that were still icy but we carefully "skated" around them and continued.

After we pounded the pavement, we changed out of our sweaty clothes and headed over to the main attraction. I knew for sure I was getting a milkshake for myself, one for hubs and donuts to bring home. I also enjoyed some delicious chicken corn soup and bacon.

Oh my, look at the pretty pile of bacon. 

Oh yea, you know I had to eat some of these potato donuts too when I got home. 

So there you have it.. the farm show according to runners. I had to laugh too because some older man commented on how he really liked my "blouse." It was really just a 1/4 zip running jacket. He was so cute though. 

Well delicious farm show treats.. until next year!

Do you have any favorite local events?


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