Winter at it's finest

Anyone who lives in any of the states getting slammed this week with bitter cold either goes all in and heads outsideto run, or says screw that I am staying inside.

Yesterday I decided I was going all in and bundled up, put my lights and reflectors on, and, well, my ninja mask.

Well ok. Maybe not a ninja mask, more like a balacave for the motorcycle, but crazy nonetheless. It definitely did the job as did the rest of my wonderfully warm layers. I also tried out my yaktrax knowing there was snow and ice from Tuesday's little storm. They definitely worked out very well and I could not have done it without them. Now mine are really the ones made for walking, but they definitely did the trick.

I got mixed reactions regarding my frozen 4 miler- from wow you go! to you are insane, it's too cold! Other runners understand. Sometimes you just need to go. Sometimes there is no substitute for getting out there, crazy or not.

I did a lot of thinking on this run. I have been really struggling with some changes and lack of support at work lately and this run gave me time to ponder.  I started to think about how if I can be strong enough to  run in 4 degree weather, with wind and snow blowing in my face while I climbed the last hill home, I can certainly stick it out and deal with anything at work. Some days I really struggle with the amount of negativity and lack of cohesion at work. Then I remember that, no matter what, running is there for me. Running gives me so much more than just fitness.

So, I ask you... what do you during the winter to manage life and work stress. Are you one of the crazies who dares step on a treadmill and would rather brave the elements to get your run on? Or would you rather join a fitness class or hit the gym?

As for me, the more extreme, the more exciting!!

Happy Thursday friends.


  1. I love training in winter (not that it ever gets particuarly extreme in the UK) - it's so much more pleasant than in the heat of summer... or at least until you stop running and then it's just cold! I don't like cycling in winter though as I'm terrified of crashing on ice.


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