Inspiration Thursday

Not only has it been the first week of the #taketheleap challenge, but it has been a doozy of a week for me. I am so grateful to have started this challenge, especially because it feels as though it is at a perfect time in my life.

That being said, not only have I been doing a lot of great yoga all week, I have really been reflecting on words of gratefulness, letting go, and feeling free. Instead of the usual fitness inspiration, I bring to you yoga inspired inspiration instead.

Life is about balance.



letting go

A lot has been going on at work lately that have really been messing with my balance. While I am trying to work on that in my own ways, I have been using yoga practice to both have fun and relax, let go and find my balance (even though I'll be honest its terrible right now!). 

How do you find balance? Is it easy for you to let go of things/people/jobs or do you hold on even when they are toxic?


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