Run in the snow - round 2

This weekend, I made plans to run 10 miles with two dear ladies I ran lots of miles with during marathon training. The plan was to run 6 miles before the large group run at 9 am.

We met, ran our 6 miles, but sure did not make it back in time for 9 am. The paths were easier and harder than they were last week, depending on the area. Between the additional snow, the snow drifts and the FREEZING winds, it took quite a bit longer than expected. During a quick potty stop about a mile away from the meet up place, we realized it was already 9:10. We ran as quickly as we could and actually made it to the bridge by the time the group was coming across.

I ran into another friend, with whom I shared a crap-ton of miles with as well, and ran a little over 4 more miles with her. We did loops of part of one bridge, around City Island, around the parking garage, back to the footbridge and across back to the island. While it was not the most scenic or changing route, it still got the job done.

By the time I headed back to my car, I was at 10.23 miles. So what do I do? Do another 2 laps around the parking garage and the nearby lot to make it an even/uneven 11 miles. Perfect idea right?

I felt so accomplished and great at the end of this run. All of us that were out ran for a past member of River Runners,who lost her battle to cancer a few years ago, before I was introduced to the group. Although I never met her, I have heard so much about her to know she was an amazing human being. Apparently she felt that there were too many 5ks so we ran anything over that amount. An amazing person in our group even made us awesome bibs to commemorate.

Cool, right??

It was incredibly cold but so worth it get out for the social and physical aspects of this run. I was very excited for the chance to see some familiar and wonderful faces. Solo runs are all great for thinking and self-discovery but sometimes homegirl's gotta run with others. Runners are some of the only people left on earth that I really like. Just sayin'- these are the people I choose to be around. 

Needless to say, I came home and made some coffee to chug before taking a HOT HOT HOT shower just to stop shivering like a maniac. 

Yep, that happened. It my bathroom. Don't judge me.

Did you get a long run in this weekend? Do you prefer solo or group/friend runs?


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