Capital 10 Miler recap

Only took me a week to sit and write about my most recent race.

I didn't talk about it at all besides the day or so before hand. To be honest, I wasn't really all that excited about it until the internet was all abuzz. It was a local race and in an area I seriously run ALL. THE. TIME. I was really just looking forward for company for a 10 mile run and that was about it. But then I realized how many of my running family would be there and all the people I would get to see. The beautiful weather forecast didn't hurt either!!

Saturday afternoon, I picked up my race packet and then a nice early dinner of the awesome deep-dish pizza @ Little Caesars. Oh my, that stuff is heavenly. 

Sunday morning, the race started at 9:00 am. I arrived by 8:15 to give myself time to make my way from the car to the Girls on the Run (Solemates) tent to say hello before the start.

One super sweet perk of this being a designated Solemates race, was our own porta-potty! I never needed to use it, but its always great to know its there if you do. Seriously. Awesome. 

At first start, my ankles seemed really tight and didn't seem to want to bend the right way to run. This apparently wasn't a huge issue since my first mile was an 8:42. I really DON'T run that fast.. ever. Well in a 5k I could probably keep up that pace but not for 10 miles!! I had to put on the brakes quickly or I'd never make it. 

Despite running many 10 milers this winter, the first half of this run felt like it took forever. I am not evening exaggerating. This really might have just been due to being a path I run frequently, who knows? I was also not looking forward to the out and back on the bridge at mile 8 and 9. This bridge has sucked the life out of me on summer runs because there is no shelter from the heat of the sun. Sunday it was no problem. It was a little boring, but I pushed through and made it without much of a problem. I was pretty impressed with my mental willpower- it is getting better!!

I had to get a picture with these two wonderful ladies after we finished. Two fellow Solemates and ladies who got me through quite a bit of marathon training with last year. So blessed to have met them both and that they welcomed me in to their training runs. 

Although it may seem like I wasn't a huge fan of this race, I really was. I enjoyed my time out on the river and in the sunshine. One really awesome part of this race is that even though it is right in the city, there is no traffic control needed. They way that it is routed between the upper and lower paths along the river, you never have to cross traffic. Super awesome deal if you ask me. 

I loved the sense of community in seeing so many runners I knew all in one place. I loved that it was seriously 5 minutes from my house. I loved that the proceeds benefit local art groups/societies that mean so much to the community. The medal is beautiful and is not captured truly in the photo above. It was also really nice that you could print a little receipt with all your race info as soon as you were. done.

I am pretty sure that I will be doing this one again next year if my schedule allows!!


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