MCM training weeks 1 & 2

I am making a promise to myself to get caught up with blogging. To start, I will bring you up to speed on my Marine Corps Marathon training thus far.

Honestly, week 1 didn't bring anything crazy into my life. On Tuesday, I ran at the track with a friend who is a running coach and is teaching me a little something about speed work. And by a little, I mean a lot. (more on that later). It is a good arrangement because I have passes to the track that she has been dying to get into (and it is only for borough residents which she is not), so she teaches me a bit and we both win. Wednesday I skipped because I had some things to do and dinner with a friend. Thursday I met with the local Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg running group and ran 6 miles. Friday was a rest day. Saturday I joined a bunch of other crazy people in the rain for a friend's 5k and then after a long day of babysitting, I came home and managed to complete 5 more miles on the treadmill. Not my first choice, but the weather was being too unpredictable. Week 1 was well rounded out at 18 miles.

Week 2 I impressed myself. Last summer, running 3 days in a row was absolute torture and I really didn't follow the plan very well. I very often only ran 2 days during the week due to some other injury/annoying issues. This year, I have decided to stick to the plan as best as I can and I got a good start last week. On Tuesday, I again did speed work at the track, totaling 5 miles with work and warm-up. Wednesday I ran on my own for 5 miles. This was a trying run, full of stops and starts to stretch in the first half. Oddly enough, I hit some great miles even though I felt terrible. Thursday I completed 4 miles with Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg that felt pretty awesome too. Friday was rest and Saturday was another rainy race! Another local running store Appalachian Running Company, hosts a free 5k/10k in conjunction with my hometown's SummerFair and it was held on Saturday, July 4th. Sadly,  a lot of the other Summerfair activities were rained out this year, but you know us runners! Rain or shine. 420 total people showed up which surprised me quite a bit. Then again, it is a FREE race! Anyway, I got 6.2 miles in there and then ran the other 2 back to my parents house. A little short of 9, but I was drenched to the bone and I needed to call it quits. Either way, 22 miles for the win on week 2.

Updates from here on out will have more pictures and excitement, but I didn't want to blow up this entry with two weeks worth. I will share more about the 5k from two weeks ago as well as last week's free 10k in the near future.

Anyone else out there training to #runwiththemarines??


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