Marathon Training Update!

So much for getting on track with weekly updates about marathon training. I can make a few general statements regarding this year versus last:
1. Things are going much better. I am hitting all my runs each week, sometimes adding extra mileage to keep things exciting and run new places.
2. I feel so much stronger this year and rightly so as I am now major injury free for over a year.
3. I am beginning to feel comfortable running in the lower 9 minute range, even in ridiculously hot temperatures!

I am continually impressed by what my body can do again and am actually enjoying training. I am about 1/3 of the way through which means that it is about to get REAL and into the really high mileage section, but I've got this.

Week 3 I ran 5 miles Tuesday, 5 Wednesday and 4.2 Thursday. Friday was rest day and Saturday I ran 6.5 miles. Also on Saturday, I hosted a Zumbathon as part of my Solemates campaign for Capital Area Girls on the run. We had a great time and I exceeded my fundraising goal. So many thanks for Progress Fitness for letting me having it there. More on this later! For now, I'll just leave this here.

Sundays are cross-training days and this particular week I biked 10 miles. My weekly total mileage was 20.7.

Week 4 was interesting. It was hot and I attempted to do speed work Tuesday but the reality is that I really just ran 1 mile to the track, 4 unpleasant miles at the track, and one mile home. The highlight of course, was that I got to rock my new Crazy Compression ambassador exclusive socks.

Wednesday I did a nice strength training workout at the track with Julia of Run Free Coaching in the morning and a 6.8 mile run to the river and back to watch a local tradition Harrisburg Mile where people, yup, race 1 mile. That's it! It was crazy to watch how fast some of these people could fly. Thanks to that early morning strength training, the run back home was a little rough, but I made it! Thursday I completed 5 miles at a nice easy pace. My legs were screaming and I wanted the mileage. Saturday I completed my 11 miles and Sunday stuck with much needed yoga for my cross training. 

Week 5 started off with a 3 miles run on Tuesday which included 1 mile of hill repeats in a local park. I ran 5.25 miles and Thursday 3.6 miles. For some reason, this week was a struggle. My legs kept feeling very tired and I just couldn't do any more than the basics. Saturday I ran a decently strong 12 miles with a friend and enjoyed some beautiful scenery.

Sunday I tried out my hand (or feet rather) at a spinning class at the local Progress Fitness where I met the staff a few weeks ago when I held my Zumbathon. I completely adore the owner, Liza, and had decided that if I was going to try anyone's class, it would be her's. She did not disappoint. The energy and structure of her class were perfect for me and once I got warmed up, the fact that I ran 12 miles the day before didn't really phase me. I will be back!!

Week 6, or last week was probably my favorite week so far. Why? It was filled with variety, friends and lots of fun.  Tuesday I totally broke my training plan and went for an 8.5 mile loop around Pinchot Lake with friends. It was completely worth it and really helped me refocus on what is important in life. 

the crew

Wednesday I ran a measly 3 road miles by myself and Thursday I met up with the awesome crew at Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg for their weekly run. I cannot say enough about this crew and this store. I love having a meet up with them once per week and cannot beat the company. This week they were all about water since it was in the 90s again. The owners' kiddos were armed with water balloons to throw at us AND they had a sweet pool that we took advantage of when we returned from our runs. I managed 5 decently paced miles and quickly jumped in the pool!

(okay and maybe before too. Photo Credit: fleet feet sports)

Apparently I was so excited I needed to close my eyes!

I ended the week of training on another awesome trip to Pinchot to run with Bekah (pictured above in the pink). She had 20 miles to do as she is training for the JFK 50 miler (she is so badass!) and a good chunk of this is trail so we threw around the idea of meeting up. I only had 9 miles on my plan, but since I overachieved so much all week, I figured I couldn't stop there. I ended up with 11 that day. Even though I am training for a road race, my hope is to still get some miles, every so often, on trail. Trails are beautiful, mind-clearing, and life-changing. I am not being dramatic. I really just feel so at peace on the trails and enjoy myself. That is not to say I no longer like road running, but it is to say that sometimes a girl needs some variety in her running life. Just keeping it real. Sunday I did some Kettle bell because other life activities kept me from going to spinning. I didn't have much energy but I got it done.

Now that I am up to date (again) on my training and almost to the halfway point where its all going to get REALLy real, I am going to try my darnedest to keep on top of this.  I really want to keep better track of my thoughts and workouts as I go through this training. It is already SO different than my first marathon last year and I just want to soak it all up. Every last drop (of sweat included). 

What are you currently training for?? Is it hot as heck where you live to?


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