Marathon Training Week #8

I have officially crossed into the second half of marathon training! It is is so crazy to think that I just completed week 8 of 18 and it just keeps getting crazier!

Monday started the week out with a solid rest day which was MUCH needed after week 7.

Tuesday I ran 4 terrible, painful, agonizing miles. Okay, maybe I am being a tad dramatic but those miles seriously were not my friend. My knee was driving me crazy, my legs were beyond heavy and 4 miles felt like 14. It just goes to show, my friends, that we all have those days!

Wednesday I taped up my knee with the awesome KT Tape and tried for 4 miles again. I switched my Wednesday and Thursday run so that I could run longer with a friend of mine Thursday. So Wednesday, tape and all, I laced up my kicks and blasted off. Seriously. I had a great (mostly uphill) run and felt like a new woman!

Maybe I was just excited to see this view??

KT Tape is BOSS!

Are you serious with these splits? UPHILL?!

Thursday I met early with a friend for the Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg group run. We were able to squeeze in 3.5 miles out of 10 before the group took off. This was a tough run for me and my legs were pretty dead tired when we were done. The neighborhood we completed the 
5.5 miles in was one big hilly loop but I think we did pretty darn well for ourselves. The first 5 miles were 9:45 and below and then we got a little tired... those hills!! I am proud of our efforts.

Friday was rest day again (much needed after Thursday!) so I worked and did the grocery shopping and that was that. 

Saturday I was babysitting all day, so I picked up a few weights but that was about it. 

Sunday I enjoyed a 16 mile long run with this GREAT group of people!!!

Trying out my new Garmin vivoactive Sunday 

My pal Marni rocks and sat out this cooler for us around mile 10. It was SO needed. It was so hot already and we had 6 more miles to go. We did it though.

I am so thankful every single day that I get to be out running with incredible friends who share my love of running. It is truly an incredible gift to not only be able to run but also actually enjoy it (most days!).  This week is a fall back week and I am kind of looking forward to that. As much as I love the challenge of long distance running, I also love the feeling of refreshed and well rested muscles!

How is your summer training going? How ready are you for FALL?!?


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