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What I am about to share with you may seem like a DUH moment, however it apparently took me a long time to figure that out!

I have been using a camelbak for about 2 years now and wouldn't change it for anything.

I actually have 2. The first one is the Charm made for women and I love it. It holds 1.5 L
This except in purple

My second, I got on on a great sale after Christmas this past year. It holds 2L

Although they are great for long runs, I got really irritated with my water being warm by mile 10 or so. How to fix this problem?? 

Here is the big DUH moment.. yes ICE!! Adding ice to the bladder of your camelbak or any hydration system does wonders on those hot hot days. Seriously. The other weekend when it was already 80 something at the start of a 16 mile run, this cold water situation was life-changingly amazing.

You're welcome.


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