A letter home...

Yesterday marked the second half of this journey through yoga camp from my girl Adriene. When the announcement first came out that this was going to be a THING for the month of January, I quickly jumped on the website to sign up!

Slated to start January 1, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start the year fresh and new with a daily yoga practice. 

The first few days were tough. I have begun to get back into running regularly after a short hiatus following Marine Corps Marathon (recap here), and doing yoga on top of that daily seemed time consuming. BUT. I knew I was in it for the long haul and I would show myself I can do it daily. I had a few days were I was so tired, but I showed up anyway.

Each day brings a new practice with some new "shape" (as Adriene refers to them) that I have never done before and and contributes to my own personal sense of "find what feels good." Each day I drag my butt to that mat and get it done. Honestly, the days I see anything above 30-35 minutes in the YouTube bar, I tend to be like.. awwww man. Then I get started and time flies. 

This yoga is different than others. It is empowering. Adriene has this way about her that makes people of all levels feel engaged, loved, and supported by her through these videos. Each day has had it's own theme, or intention ranging from acceptance to being present to what we trust and deserve. I love this experience and I am SO glad to have embarked on this journey. 

If you haven't been following along, and are looking for a great teacher for an in home practice, I highly recommend that you might check her out! She isn't all serious all the time and often will make silly statements to lighten the mood and remind you not to take yoga (or life in general) too seriously. Doing that tends to take away all the fun anyway.

Anyone else out there in yogacamp? Or something similar as a January challenge?


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