Try This Tuesday

All week, I was looking forward to this weekend. I know they say you shouldn't live for the weekends, but sometimes it's hard not to. I didn't go on a trip or some fancy getaway, I just stayed in my home area and enjoyed some great events/outside time.

Friday night after work, I headed over to Absolute Pilates for a special "Runner's Night" event hosted at their Mechanicsburg location. There were two 30 minute classes along with some great tips on remaining injury free from Zang Physical Therapy and running form type advice from the wonderful Fred at Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg,  Funny enough I knew most of the other ladies who showed up from class at Fleet Feet.

When I first walked in, I was pretty intimidated by all the equipment!

Really though, that's only because I have no idea what they do with it!! I set up time to meet with Andrew Zang prior to the event starting to seek out some possible answers on my annoying returning injury in my left leg. He confirmed to me what I though- glute weakness like WOAH. Basically, my injury is pretty typical of long distance runners because we all stink at strength training and making sure our muscles are at our absolute best for running. So lesson learned (again and again) is that I need to focus on continuing my strength training even during marathon and further distance training. I struggle so much with this but I continue to lose time running (and progress) each training cycle because of it. It's time for a change!!

Here's a cool shot posted on their insta @absolutepilates from the barre class. Such a neat (and SUPER challenging) experience. I definitely felt all my muscles working really hard. The burn was REAL. 

During the PT session, we learned some great ways to work the glutes since this is a major problem area for female runners. Apparently glute weakness is a pretty primary reason for most female runner injuries. Explains a lot. Again.. work to do!! 

Fred talked to us about stride, cadence, posture, and other run-nerdy things. I have heard of a lot of the info before through taking their training programs, but it is really always great to hear the info again. Sometimes you learn something in a different way than before or you end up with a good reminder. Either way, its great.

After the two info sessions, we hit the mat and did some more WORK! I definitely felt it all in my legs and abs. I knew I would be feeling all of that hard work the next day (and no worries, I did!!).

In addition to the great workout space, they carry some adorable shirts and tanks as well as leggings. They carry some other fun stuff too, but theses caught my eye. 

I was pretty excited that one of my favorite running ladies hung out the whole night too and we snapped this cute selfie before heading home for the night. 

Have you ever tried Barre or Pilates? 


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