Hero Run 5k - 2016 edition

Hey there, friends!! I am not quite sure what happened to the last month, but I do know that I have been SUPER busy. Between work, my side jobs, family, and running I feel like the last month has been both long and short.

Do not fear, even with the busy times I still made time for some fun and this really cool favorite race of mine.

This is both the 4th year of the race and 4th year I have run it. If you have been around a while, you know that I tend to prefer the longer distances so you might be wondering, why?

Originally, it just started out as a fun and different race at the end of the year to see how I could race a 5k after long distance training all summer and fall. But the race has a great mission as well.  Funds raised from the race gives back to the Keystone Wounded Warriors, helping veterans either currently residing in Pennsylvania or those with past "ties" to the state. Funds also go to COPS for K.O.P.S which supports children of officers wounded/fallen during service in Pennsylvania. Last, but not least, it also contributes to the local Swatara Township Police Department's Crime Prevention fund. So basically, I get to challenge myself, have a blast, and support a good cause all at once.

One of the SUPER fun things about this race? Dressing up as a hero, of course!! I am not a huge running in costume fan generally, but it is always so fun at this race. I especially love when I don't have to buy a thing. I borrowed the skirt and sleeves from a friend, cut a sticker from adhesive vinyl to put on my shirt and made the mask and cape myself. It definitely pays to be crafty in situations like this. 

All ready to go, just hanging out waiting for others to arrive.

River Runner crew 

Smaller crew with the mall mascot

This picture was by far one of my favorites from the entire event. My friend Allison and I found our doggy twins and thankfully their owners were AWESOME and let us get our pictures with them. Aren't they freaking ADORABLE?!! Warms my heart a little every time I look at it.

This is a nice little action shot inside the mall. Another super unique thing about this race is that you actually run from one end of the mall to the other right before popping back outside to the finish. While it sometimes presents a little bit of a challenge breathing and temperature-wise, this year I didn't feel like it affected me as much. Either way, its SO COOL to run through the mall. After all, at what other time is that acceptable? 

Right ahead of me in the picture is Ana from Mother, Run, Hike, Repeat and I can't end this post without a huge shout out to her.  Our story is pretty funny and I think I will save it for another day, but she has become one of my favorite running partners. She always pushes me and this race was no exception. We ended up starting together and staying nearby the entire race. This was really my first "race" since my first ultra run last month and I really didn't have much confidence for the pace I could or could not keep. But we did it!! We got to mingle with and encourage some other runners as we coasted through the course. The only time that didn't feel so easy was the slow painful path around the mall to the front entrance. 

I am actually stealing this photo from her blog because its SO awesome. We truly were in sync until the end. There was definitely some back and forth about who was in front of the other, but never in a competitive way. In fact, on the way out of the mall, Ana was the one who pushed me to power it up right at the end. 

Smashing the finish. 

Darn sun glare. 

Great job, ladies!

I will definitely be back for year number 5 in 2017!! After all, it is Wonder Woman!!


  1. Thanks for not telling my creepy stalker story.. yet!! ja ja!!

    it was a great race and I love it so much! You are right, it wasn't competitive, it was just great fun! I had never stayed with anybody for a race before, and I enjoyed running with you a lot! let's do it again soon!


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