April fitness goals

I am not usually one to publicly display my goals, but I feel this one needs talked about.

Back in January, I embarked on a month long yoga journey via Yoga Revolution thanks to Yoga with Adrienne (you can download them here for donation or access on youtube for free.) This was the second year I started with one of her challenges and I felt so fulfilled a the end of it. After 2016's "Yoga Camp," I vowed to myself that I would practice at least once each week which I mostly stuck to. After this year's program concluded, I decided I would do the same.

Well kids we are now in April and let me tell you something. It is no longer enough. Some days, I am so tense mentally and physically that I really JUST. NEED.MORE.

Working at a desk 8 hours a day and then sticking to my goal of 100 miles or more every month makes me feel all rigid, antsy, and inflexible (just to name a few.) By the end of January I felt great body and (mostly) mind. Although 1 day a week is clearly better than none, I notice that I am not as twisty and I generally do not feel the ease in poses that I did when I was practicing daily.

So what am I going to be up to for the month of April?

YWA posts a monthly calendar with a sweet daily practice. You can find it here if you are interested in trying it out. I really am not in anyway associated with her site, just really and truly LOVE her videos. She is one of those people I listen to and think we could really get along if I was ever honored to meet her. We make the same corny jokes and anything during a conversation can cue a song. Seriously. Here is the youtube playlist to make it SO super easy to follow along. Also, awesomely enough Grazia Daily did a great little write-up on her. If you haven't checked her out yet, what are you waiting for??

So that's the deal for April. I am gearing up for my last race of the "spring" in May and then I head into more trail running and longer distances. I really want to feel my best going into summer training. I will mix in some other cross training (more on that later) but I am really looking forward to adding more yoga back into my life. 

Do you YOGA? What is your favorite benefit from regular practice?


  1. Excellent Goals!! I liked the down time from Yoga, and the flexibility of my muscles after. Right now I'm on a waiting list for my favorite instructor for Yoga.

  2. I yoga every Friday!! Started by accident 2 years ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! If I miss a class, I am so sad! Keep it up!

  3. I should definitely get back to Yoga... I haven't done any in a while.


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