Thinking Out Loud Thursday

So I am a little late to the party today, but never the less I am joining Running with spoons again for some random "thinking out loud."

I will start with why I am blogging so darn late in the day- work was holy terror, then I had a hair cut (LOVE!!!), came home for about an hour, talked to my neighbor and then went on a rainy run with friends.

Today was rainy, I started work early to cover for someone who was off, and it was just entirely too busy. Stress from the start of the day is just too much for me. Took a step back, took a deep breath and just mustered on hour by hour today.

The hair cut!! My hair salon moved and their new place is super cute. I haven't had a cut in almost a year and was pretty excited to get freshened up. 

I have been obsessed with watching this Netflix series 13 reasons why. While the premise of the series is sad and revolves around a teen suicide, this series is addicting as heck. It is hard to stop watching and I am sadly already on episode 12 of 13. After my haircut, I knew I had enough time to finish an episode before I had to leave again. WIN.

The second picture is the HUGE puddle on City Island.  It was supposed to be opening night for our local baseball team, but it was cancelled because it rained pretty hard most of the day.  More proof that runners are badass.. we were out there anyway! BOOYA. We did just a little over 5 miles and I can honestly say I NEVER would have made it out if it was just me tonight. I really needed to run off the day though so that can never go badly.

Now I am going to sit out the last of my hair dye timer, get my yoga in for the day and call it a day.. this girl is WIPED out. Maybe not the most random post ever, but just what is on my mind today. SOOOO glad tomorrow is Friday!!

What is the longest you have ever gone without a haircut? 
Do you like to run in the rain?


  1. You are the River Runners are so awesome for running in the rain! It has to be 70 for me to
    Run in the rain.

    I love the haircut !!


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