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Last weekend I was running trail with my friend Ana Saturday morning and she tells me they are going on a hike that afternoon. I love following her awesome hiking/exploring adventures and often find myself oo-ing and ah-ing looking at her pictures. When our run was over and I checked my phone, my afternoon plans had cancelled and I found myself wondering what I could do to still enjoy the beautiful weather we were having (finally!).

Ana and I enjoyed some coffee at a nearby coffee shop and before we left, she invited me to join her and her boyfriend on their afternoon adventure. I didn't want to feel like I was imposing on their time together and she assured me it was totally ok. We both planned to head home, clean up a little and they would pick me up. I had no idea what the rest of the day would hold for me. We would head to Glen Onoko Falls in Jim Thorpe, PA. I have been to Jim Thorpe before, but never knew where the trails were.

This was the first amazing view we got to soak in. There is just something about the water that is calming, refreshing and relaxing. 

The hole in the mountain!! We were immediately excited to find out how to get to this spot and see the views from that side of the river. 

We ventured off to find the trail and were soon greeted by this warning sign. We laughed and also might have been a little nervous. 

My lovely co-adventurers. Each year they make a goal of how many new state parks they want to visit. Now that's my idea of how to spend a  great summer!! 

We started our climb and were immediately in absolute AWE of the gorgeous falls. 

How could you not be? With each new section we would climb (up, up, up!) another section of the falls was revealed to us.

Just when we thought we were nearing the TOP, another waterfall would appear and take our breath away. 

The waterfalls weren't the only thing that amazed us either. There was this whole area. Yet another picture that does very little to capture how beautiful it really was. 

So much beauty.  

Obligatory awkward group selfie! I was really trying not to drop my phone in the water. 

The hike up to the top soon came to an end and we learned that if we followed the blue trail, it would take us on a MUCH easier journey back down. We were so glad we didn't have to go down the path we just came up. It was quite a challenge!!

 We finished the main trail and found our way back to that cool hole we saw in the mountain when we first arrived. It was amazing and weird all at the same time. 

To get to the overlook area, you had to walk through this pretty darn tunnel. After a moment, your eyes adjust, but until that happens we found ourselves walking very cautiously. 

Here you see all the way through to the other side from the overlook. Ana thought it would be fun to strike a yoga pose, so I did!

So did she. 

And then there was this. What goofballs!

We enjoyed another beautiful view from the actual overlook point. People were still down there swimming and enjoying the amazing weather. After we were done soaking up every last bit of beauty we could, we figured we should head out and find something to eat before we headed home. 

My phone was all but dead so I figured I would snap one last shot in this beautiful park before it totally shut off on me. I know that our PA mountains are nothing in comparison to some of the others around the country, but they are our mountains and are still so full of beauty and adventure. 

When they dropped me off last Saturday night, I was exhausted in the absolute best way possible. I had gotten to spend most of the day outside and enjoyed every last moment. You can't help but feel a certain kind of satisfaction after visiting a place like this. Dirt, grit, sweat and a lot of laughs are always good for the soul. 

Does your state have lots of parks like PA? Have you taken the time to explore? What was your favorite? 


  1. Great read Jodi! Can't wait to get there myself!

  2. You captured perfectly our outing! Thanks for coming along! it was a lot of fun!


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