There's no denying that it's been way too long since I sat down to write. So many times I wanted to but was so wiped out from doing all the living life stuff and just couldn't. I stare at a computer for work 8 hours a day and sometimes I just can't stand the thought of sitting down for more than that no matter how much my brain is spinning with stuff to write about.

So here I am with a little mini catch up on where the month of June took me. I went to two weddings, celebrated my youngest nephew's 2nd birthday, celebrated Father's day, worked my part time gig on two weekends, ran in a trail race, participated in a rockin' global running day, and co-planned a run for global sports bra squad day. Whew. That made me tired just thinking about it all again.

Let's start with the first wedding. Enjoy a few little snippets of the evening. They got super lucky with the fantastic weather and lots of fun guests.

Next up was Global running day which was a blast!! I actually ended up running twice that day- once at lunch and then another time later in the evening with the running store in my hometown. Appalachian Running Company opened up the same year I moved from Carlisle, but is such a great community resource and they have the friendliest staff. They hosted a small yet big celebration where we ran from the store anywhere up to 5 miles then came back and ate all the good food we brought! ARC supplied pizza and some beverages and everyone had a great time. They did an awesome giveaway for us and while I didn't win anything, this was incredibly generous considering this was a free event.

Then there was my trail race. It was.. well.. not my best, but still had lots of fun. I will be doing an official race recap later, so stay tuned. It was the 3rd year I have run it and I will continue to. The course is well marked and it is well organized. 

Next up was the belated celebration of my youngest nephew's 2nd birthday along with Father's day! I can't believe this little guy is 2 already and it's been so fun watching his little spunky personality develop. He definitely is a funny little guy.

OMG this face. 

I didn't really catch any pictures of my dad, but we made sure to know he was extra loved and appreciated. He is so hard to shop for because he works hard and buys what he needs, along with the occasional FUN toy (ahem, 4 wheelers).

Last and most definitely not the least, I rounded out the month with an absolutely fantastic celebration of Global Sports Bra Squad day. This really deserves its own post as well, but I will start here. The amazing Kelly Roberts (add link) started this whole movement about throwing away your insecurities about what you think you should be or look like to run in a sports bra and be comfortable. Essentially saying SCREW YOU to all of it. 

I was not new to running in a sports bra. One scroll through my instagram and you will see lots of pictures sans shirt in the summer. Am I 100% confident? HECK NO. Do I care? Not really. When it is hot and any extra clothing really seems like torture, I choose to be kind to myself and not care what others might think about my very white bellied self running down the street. Sorry, not sorry. 

What it boils down to is this. Women and girls are told from early on to be this and do that. We get complexes, many develop eating disorders and so many suffer from self-esteem and anxiety issues. This special day urged us all to throw caution to the wind and show the world what strength looks like. We come in all shapes and sizes and SO does strength. Like I said, I could literally write a post JUST about this. (and maybe I will.) 

The same afternoon I went to wedding #2 of the month which was HOT and sunny. 

The next morning, I started the next round of training with Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg

So that pretty much wraps up all the June happenings. There are a few other updates that happened more in the beginning of July and I will write about those REALLY soon. It's too exciting not to. Seriously.

Now that you have heard about my JAM-PACKED June, what have you been up to? Did you do something SUPER awesome or special in June? Please share in the comments!!


  1. YOu have had a busy month!! I hope the cake at the weddings were excellent! that is always my favorite part of weddings!

    Don't worry at all of the belly... I used to worry about the stretch marks on my back, but I can't see them, so whatever!


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