Aspen Yoga Mats

Just about 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by Rebecca at FitApproach saying that I was one of five winners of the Aspen Yoga sweepstakes. Pretty sure I entered in the 11th hour so I was very shocked that I won.

The email instructed me to visit the website and email back with my selection and shipping information. This was easier said than done. I got sucked into the meanings behind each color and symbol and some deep thinking. Haha, yea pretty serious for a yoga mat.

I ended up choosing turquoise as the color of the mat- "opens a connection between the heart and spoken word." and "serene color relating to happiness, friendliness and the enjoyment of life." I typically prefer purple colored (everything) but this little description seemed to suit me well.

As for the symbol I chose Aspen Leaf/Lotus Blossom, description from the site is as follows:
The Aspen Leaf/Lotus Blossom combination melds the determination and strength symbolized by the Aspen Leaf with the beauty, spiritual awakening and enlightenment of the Lotus Blossom. The Lotus symbolizes faithfulness and the ability to grow and change, each petal representing the Buddhist path. The Aspen leaf flutters in the wind but is a source of strength, community, protection and life. Unified they provide the image for our quest for everyday balance.

So I emailed off my choices and waited.

When the mat arrived at my house, I of course wasn't home. I received an email that it was delivered and then counted the hours until I could be home and be united with my new mat.

I could barely get the box open fast enough!! It smelled so wonderful, so NEW! I couldn't wait to break it free of the plastic and use it! If you look at the card you can see this mat is machine washable! What the?! Seriously. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

 The turquoise is much more vibrant than this picture really shows off (look above for better shading idea) but I wanted to share it to show of the awesome embroidered symbol. Seriously! How beautiful??

A seriously huge thanks to the ladies of FitApproach and Aspen Yoga for this giveaway. My husband totally doesn't understand why I needed another yoga mat or what the difference is. I didn't even try to explain. I don't think it would make the difference. Its beautiful and that's all you need to know.


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