Inspiration Thursday!

Sorry for the late (in the day) post... when we skip Mondays (work week wise) I get all out of whack and the days slip away from me while I try to get everything else done.

So whats new this week? I have been working on my first #rwrunstreak. I hope that my old stress fracture site will allow me to do this and not tell me that running every day is not acceptable. Kind of fun because I have never been a run every day kind of person. I love it, but  I love doing other things too. Anyway- I decided to do a little theme of "push yourself" type inspiration today. As we all know, when we are injured we have to slowly get back to running or whatever your favorite activity is. The hardest part of this process for me has been going from 9 minute miles to 10 and beyond. Talk about soul crushing.  Today I really was just going to do 1 mile for the streak, but decided to do 2. Why? I wanted to see if I could do 1 mile at 9:30 and 1 mile at 9. Did I make it? Actually..... I ended up doing .5 mile at each of these and then a mile at 8:30min/mile. Why? Part of me was getting bored (my brain) on the old dreadmill.. the other part (my legs) seemed to be going to slow.

Enough about me.. without further a due...

I am going to leave it right on that note. 

Happy Thursday (and almost Friday) beautiful friends. 


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