It's not always going to be pretty

Lets talk about something. How your body can be totally on board with running one day and yet the next day you step out the door, its a totally different story.

For instance, Thursday night was balmy but beautiful so after work I was determined to put in a few miles. I usually am so tired at the end of the day since I don't get home until 8pm, but Thursday I was so energized but the warm temps and the sunshine. I rushed home, threw on my running gear and hit the road. I had a glorious run.

I ran to Negley park which is a work in itself- hills, hills, hills. But it felt mostly effortless.

All smiles as I overlook the Harrisburg skyline... always beautiful from this park. 

I managed quite an amazing average -- my best as of late.. in MONTHS!

So how is it possible.. that today's run... that was supposed to be 6 miles, that turned into 5 because I was so sluggish? Today was warmer and sunnier (aka not dark) and the humidity set in like crazy. But seriously? A whole minute more per mile? 

I kept trying to tell myself to focus, that it was ok, keep going, but nothing helped. I am hoping this is just my body's terrible way of adjusting to this warmer temps and humidity. We have, so far, been jipped of a true spring (BOO!!) which makes it so hard for my lungs and body in general to adjust. I am hoping after I get another month of longer mileage in, and find my darn HAT, that longer mileage in sunnier days will be more bearable. I also feel the need to note.. that it probably didn't help that it was tank top weather and I had a tee on- anyone else super weird like this? Like sleeves can be the end all be all of your run?

Yea, it kind of felt like I was.. yuck.

How did you work it today?


  1. Crazy how that is right? I was just noticing the same thing last week. How ridiculously different runs can be.


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